About two friends, broken sandals & a cup of coffee

Our adventure started in 2013 when we reunited in Colombia. Fil moved to Ibagué back in 2010, while Philipp got the bug the first time he visited him, a couple of years later.

Hiking through the Zona Cafetera was on top of our list – hiking shoes weren’t. Philipp’s lucky sandals led us to a hearty grower who offered us the greatest coffee we’ve ever tried (and multicoloured plasters). Philipp packed up his stuff with coffee bags for friends, exceeded the baggage allowance (even without the sandals) and flew home. Their enthusiasm gave us the decisive push.

We started from scratch to learn everything we could about specialty coffee. Here’s what we’ve learnt: great coffee does not just happen. It takes know-how, dedication and (lots of) love – and, true heroes who chose to dedicate their life to grow the highest quality only. But, they’re poorly awarded for their efforts.

Our small team of the Four Musketeers came together to shake things up, for the farmers and for you. We came up with THE solution: to source only Specialty Coffee, grown, roasted and packaged in Colombia. There’s still a long way to go, but we’re proud to make things at least a bit better than when we started (thanks to you!).


Hello, we are Viajo!

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Hallo! I’m Philipp. Austrian born, now living in Germany, I had quite a few stopovers in between. This is how I met Fil. Same name, same jokes and same entrepreneurial passion. That’s all it took to unite us in this beautiful adventure. We’re a tiny team, so everyone does a bit of everything but my mission is to make you happy as the client service guru. In short, I’m here to help you with any questions (even existential), orders, requests etc. I drink my coffee preferably with French Press and black.

+49 (0) 157 760 971 48

spitzenkaffe aus kolumbien kaufen
Ahoj! I’m Fil, I initially went to Colombia to study but I fell in love with the country and the people. So, my plans changed. Here I am now living next to the zona cafetera. My friends and family got stunned by the Colombian coffee, but it was even love at first sight for Philipp. From the administrative to the logistics, there are countless challenges! As the great Manitou of logistics, I make sure that the beans reach out to Europe, without a hitch, fresh and delicious. Oh and espresso is my thing.

+57 316 691 1422

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Hola! My name is Viviana or just Vivi. I was born and raised in the south of Colombia, in Florencia. I moved to Ibagué with 16 to study law. To us, coffee is so much more than a beverage, it’s our emblem, our greatest pride! So joining the Viajo adventure and help bring our wonderful coffee to Europe is my pride. At Viajo, I’m in direct contact with our growers and conduct our explorations with Fil (and share them with you!). I drink my coffee black, with a little sugar I admit.

+57 317 428 7401

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Bonjour! I’m Patricia, the Newbie of the group. I couldn’t resist the temptation to join this great adventure. Now I’m helping the other Musketeers with client related matters, helping wherever I can to deliver best in class customer service.  Also, I’ve made it a personal matter to seek ways to improve our Direct Farm mission. And I’m a kind of latte macchiato junky (homemade only!).

+32 (0) 498 16 40 17