Birds, birds and birds

Birds, birds and more birds

What do you know Colombia for? Don’t feel bad, we used to think the same: drug, guerrilla and Shakira. But now we have a new mission: change your mind by showing you the true face and soul of Colombia.

Do you for example know that Colombia is home to over 1,850 bird species, that is to say 20% of all bird species on Earth, the largest avian biodiversity in the world? In other words: Colombia is the dream land for ornithologists from all over the world.

Migratory or residents, common or rare, waterfowl or raptor, gigantic or tiny, monochrome or multi-coloured, shy or big-headed, you can find them in every corner of Colombia including in the Zona Cafetera. Fil got lucky enough to come across some astonishing and funky birds while visiting some coffee finca. You first hear the sound of flapping wings and warble. Then you spot a patchwork of colours flying between branches and trees.

Let us show you how magic it is: