Cappuccino Lovers, this is for you!

Cappuccino Lovers, this is for you

In a perfect world, we all have a nice espresso machine on our kitchen counter. In reality they can be expensive and complicated little gems. Those who’ve ever tried to use the steam wand will understand the challenge.

If you’re a cappuccino fanatic, relax, there are other shortcuts to treat yourself to an awesome cappuccino at home without fancy gadgetry. A great coffee for espresso (scoop: our 1550 will make you a sweet one), fresh milk, a whisk and your favourite coffee cup, is all what you need.

How to make Cappuccino at homehow do I make homemade cappuccino

1. First step: Steam the milk. Whole or skim, it’s up to you but keep in mind that the fat is what provides flavour and texture. Whole milk makes the best froth, well worth some new kilos! Heat up about half a cup of milk (only fresh, mercy) on a stove top over medium heat, let it simmer until bubbles form around the edges and remove the pan from the heat before it boils. No cheating, don’t steam your milk twice.

2. It’s time for the sporty part: whip the milk until it turns into a fluffy foam. Keep whipping if you see any large bubbles.

3. Now, brew an espresso, whether you go for George Clooney’s coffee machine or for a more traditional Moka pot.

homemade cappuccinocappuccino made at home

4. You’re nearly there! Pour the black potion into your favourite cup and top it off with your heated froth. A classic cappuccino calls for 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and ⅓ milk foam. Enjoy!

If you feel like upgrading your game (and pleasure), have a look at the milk frothers. We will bring you some new tips and how to use them soon.

Tell us: We’d love to hear how your last cappuccino creation went.

how to make a cappuccino yourselfthe perfect homemade cappuccino

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