Yes, Coffee Naps really work

Yes, Coffee Naps really work

Remember your childhood. Lunch comes to an end and the voice of your mum turns softer, gentler, cheesier. You both know what’s coming next: it’s Nap Time! Children despise it, parents idiolize it. Only the brave ones remember daring to riot. For the others, like me, it was about lying in bed, with wide opened eyes, listening to any single little noise and counting the minutes.

Today, we’re all grown up, which basically comes down to find a real job, and we’d kill for a power nap. But surely the first thing we want to do when we’re tired is to drink an extra-strong espresso. If only we’d never stop listening to our mums… we’d surely discovered that the coffee-nap combo is the Queen of the Siestas. And, though it sounds as paradoxical as diet ice cream, it does work. Better than either espresso or naps on their own.

Nobel Prize laureates will back it up with hard scientific evidence. They’ll tell you about the caffeine journey through your bloodstream, all the way up to your brain, into the receptors where molecules of adenosine bind and thus cause drowsiness. The caffeine disturbs it all by binding with your receptors instead of the adenosine.

But careful! For the coffee nap combo to work, you’d better do it right.

Have a coffee, find a quiet corner, set a timer for 20 minutes, lie down and breathe in, breathe out… zZZzzz… and tadaaa: here you are, back on track, on fire!

You don’t even need to fall into a deep sleep to make it work. BUT do not sleep any longer than 20 minutes – or you run the risk to fall into sleep inertia where it’s almost impossible to wake up from. Besides, that is how much time your body takes to metabolize the caffeine (in other words: open up your receptors to the caffeine). This also means that the stimulant effect kicks in just as you’re waking up. So not only do you feel revived from your siesta but you also benefit from an extra caffeine boost.

Next time you have a meeting with your boss, try explain him how coffee naps could upgrade his office’s productivity. I tried it with mine and it worked pretty well 🙂

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