1650 Café de Colombia – 250g

Balanced & chocolaty

1,550 meters is the elevation where the magic happens. There, fresh water from the Andes mountains meets the volcanic soil and steady warmth of Pereira. That is where these delicate beans like to grow and become a marvel: smooth, medium body, chocolaty notes with surprising hints of caramel. That is the sweet and captivating character of 1550, grown and pampered by Gustavo.




1550 encapsulates Gustavo’s fierce determination and expertise. His story might explains it all.

Gustavo is a son of coffee. Yet it was no easy achievement to follow in his father footsteps. Seventeen years ago, threats from Guerrilla groups took him away from Huila where he was born and raised. After a couple of stopovers, he settled in Pereira to start all over again as a seasonal coffee picker. His ambition quickly moved him forward, from coffee picker to estate manager. As happiness never comes alone, Gustavo also met his wife in Perreira and is now happily living there with his two daughters. As time passed he put money aside and got a loan from the National Coffee Fund – this is how he bought his first (and tiny small) coffee farm.

His ambition was already clear: grow always higher-quality coffee. Years later, it is with the same obsession for quality that he decided to sell his farm to buy the finca he is now doing magic with, El Recreo. Since then, his ambition and life experience turned him into a true coffee genius.

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