Why roasting in Colombia makes the difference

Why roasting in Colombia makes the difference

We are regularly asked why we’re so proud of keeping the roasting process in Colombia. Glad you ask! This topic is very close to our hearts… and one of the greatest means we’ve found to make things better for the coffee community, and in the long run for you too.

Coffee is ubiquitous. On kitchen counter tops, in offices, in the air, on the go, it is everywhere. Concretely, coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world, next to only water! This represents over 2 billion cups consumed every day. Scandinavia, Benelux and parts of Eastern Europe turn out to be the top coffee-drinking nations in the world with between 1 to over 2 cups per day per person.

Have you also noticed what’s wrong with this equation? While most coffee consumption happens in industrialised countries, coffee is mostly produced in the developing world. This made us feel the urge to find meaningful ways to support the coffee community at every step of the production chain.

Moving forward, here’s the second fact we got stuck on: over 95% of beans are imported green, unroasted. Roughly speaking these beloved beans are sent far away from their country of origin to another country where they’re aimed to be roasted. The question is: is this good or bad?

So, the four of us sat (-skyped) down and we talked… and talked… (had coffees)… and talked… to agree that there’s no two ways about it: we had to look for an answer within the coffee community itself! Gustavo (our awesome quality-obsessed grower) introduced Fil and Viviana to a few roaster friends in the Risaralda region. The answer became obvious: roasting locally means that we generate more income right into the coffee community in Colombia, not thousands of miles away.

But that’s not the only reason. We could pretend we’re altruist folks but the truth is that the 550.000 families producing coffees in Colombia carry generations of expertise and passion in processing the precious beans. The story of Colombian coffee is a story of fights, determination, unity, and permanent devotion to quality. Quality has become a very VERY serious matter to the Colombian growers and even their greatest pride (in fact, the Colombian National Football Team is nicknamed Los Cafeteros!). That is this obsession for quality that, today, distinguishes the Colombian coffee.

Besides, who can know the beans better than the person who’s growing and pampering them?

This brings us to you. It’s a win-win situation: while the coffee community makes a bigger profit, this allows them to make greater investments in producing the highest quality coffee. At the end of the day, this is how you can taste generations of excellence into your cup!

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